How Do You Define Success?

How Do You Define Success? It' a long weary road to get there.

Attitude of Gratitude

Showing appreciation for what you already have; showing constant thanks for what you receive and give; the sincere feeling of thankfulness. An example of an attitude of gratitude is expressing thanks for the well being of your family or for the income that you receive daily. An Attitude of Gratitude is a platform that attracts more opportunities to be thankful for. If you continue to display an Attitude of Gratitude, you will inevitably receive more to be thankful about.


An internal ability to develop or generate original ideas to meet a need or solve a problem; an internal gift and power that causes one to have original thoughts and ideas. Creativity is the root of original songs, books, dances and speeches. A songwriter who writes songs with ease is considered to be full of creativity. A poet is able to write original poems because of his creativity. A teacher is able to motivate and teach a student because of the creative method of demonstrating facts.


The process of identifying tasks that need to be completed to results; the process of creating an organized plan to achieve a certain outcome; the ability to identify the activities that are necessary to create the desired outcome. If a person or business wants to accomplish a specific goal within a certain time, it is necessary to set goals. Goal setting is the tool that successful individuals use to accomplish tasks.

Goal Achievement

Goal Achievement is the process of reaching one’s goal and realizing the results of all of your effort. In goal achievement there must have been a goal set as well as a path to reach the goal and a time frame in which the goal should be met. As the goal is reached and the fruits of all those efforts are realized there is a sense of accomplishment and success that in many ways is like a shot of mental adrenalin to the person who has reached the goal.


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One is who able to consistently perform at his or her maximum potential; one that continues to set high goals and achieve them. A high achiever is one that is able to accomplish a particular result in an outstanding fashion. High achievers are very productive and goal oriented. An example of a high achiever is a student who studies every day, completes homework on time, and participates in class so that he/she can earn the highest grade possible.

Human Dynamics

The interaction between people and the relationships they create with one another is what is known as human dynamics. From the way you talk to a person you first meet to the way you work with co workers and those you need to network with or create a personal or intimate relationship with, all of those interactions and the way you develop them are a part of human dynamics. Human dynamics can be a very complex thing as varying personalities and their interactions with one another create unique human dynamics that differ by situation.

Intuitive Development

Intuitive Development is a path to discover oneself on a deeper level. The focus is to understand the person and wisdom that is within you and learn how to connect with that inner side. Everyone has intuition within them that knows and understands things at a deeper level than they understand. You may think of this as that ‘gut instinct’ that kicks in and lets you know that there is danger or that something just isn’t right about a situation. Getting in full touch with this side of you through intuitive development can be a long process that takes a lot of determination and a regular time commitment.

Law of Attraction

The science of drawing specific outcomes to your life based on what you think and how you act; the relationship between how you think and what you receive. The Law of Attraction is based on the belief that you will draw to yourself, the thing or things you think about most. For example, if you constantly think about lack and not having, you will invite “lack” into your life. If you concentrate on abundance, instead, you will attract abundance. Laws of attraction are a set of beliefs that the thoughts you have can have an impact on the world around you. The concept behind this is that whether you are putting out positive or negative thoughts, you are impacting the energy in the environment around you and those thoughts will have an impact without you even knowing it. The laws of attraction also teach that positive thought can manifest things you need. For example, if you believe in something that you want hard enough, your positive thoughts can make it come to pass.

Living a Life of Purpose

Living life in a state that brings fullness, satisfaction and significance to you; experiencing spiritual, financial, mental and social well-being that you deserve as you bring your gift to the world; existing in a way in which you feel that your life is in total alignment with your talents, creativity and mission. When a person is living a life of purpose, he feels happiness and contentment from within.

Mastermind Group

A small group that you meet with for the purpose of reinforcing growth and success while offering support to one another; a group that has been identified and set aside to concentrate specifically on growth and manifesting success in the following areas; finances, spirituality, relationships, and or health. Mastermind groups achieve success by visualizing goals, creating intentions, setting achievable goals, and sharing resources. History has revealed that many successful inventors, scientists, and businessmen/women were members of a mastermind group.


The practice of quieting your thoughts so that you can clear your mind, create new beliefs and regain focus. The Art of Meditation refers to the methods used to quietly reflect on thoughts. What this means is that they will allow their mind to go past how it usually works (thinking about the normal things day to day) and try to gain further awareness and relaxation. Meditation is usually used as a way to contemplate issues of spirituality, allowing the mind to reach out to the universe without the distraction of everyday thinking. Many people focus on a fixed object or use a repeated chant to allow their mind to let go of the daily grind and take them to a higher level. Studies show that meditation improves health, eliminates stress and improves overall well being.

Millionaire Mindset

A way of thinking and acting that invites and maintains an overflow of abundance; a special way of relating to money in a way that attracts it to you. A millionaire mindset is a system of beliefs and actions that cause one to have a positive relationship and respect for money. A millionaire mindset always has an expectation for money because he knows the formula for attracting money and maintaining it. For example, a millionaire mindset believes, “I deserve wealth and abundance because it is my birthright.” The millionaire mindset is a mental state where one uses positive thinking to achieve financial prosperity. That positive mindset will then help them to manifest the prosperity they have been thinking about.


Motivation is a driving force within a person that helps them move towards a goal. Often included in motivation is a goal and a reason the goal should be reached. Motivation can be as simple as deciding to go to the store to get food because you are hungry with a goal to fill your stomach. On a higher level motivation towards a successful life can cause one to try to discover and define a path that needs to be taken to reach that goal and give them the drive they need to follow that path to reach the goal.

Passion for Success

Passion for success is a great driving force that can help in accomplishing goals that have been set for a person. Having a passion for success means you have more than put yourself on a path to accomplishing a goal, you put emotion into play. Little has a stronger impact on the human ability to accomplish goals than an emotional support. Having a passion for success will make a person much more likely to be able to achieve success as they are putting not just their brain into the accomplishment, but their heart as well. It is essentially what one person sees as the successful accomplishment in their lives. This is different for every person. For some it could mean a career goal that will make them feel as if they have accomplished complete success in their lives.

Personal Development

The process that you undergo or activities that you participate in to improve the quality of your life in any area; participating in activities or utilizing resources to improve your well-being; a series of organized actions that you take to renew your life so that you can enrich it. Successful people are committed to personal development on a consistent basis whether it is reading a self-help book or learning new ways to improve health. Examples of personal development include taking a budgeting class or meditating daily.

Personal Power


Is your power to control you and the environment around you. Most people realize that they are the only ones in control of themselves. While they may let others control them or persuade them to do things from time to time, each of us has control of our person. Personal power also goes beyond that and includes the ability to use your energy to have an impact on the environment around you. This could be as simple as using a compliment and a smile to brighten someone else’s day and send a positive energy into the air.

Personal Success

Personal success is one person’s belief of what will make them successful. This could refer to being successful in business, their personal life or across the board. This is something that is individual to a person and can only be defined by that individual. For example, there are some women who find a traditional family setting of being a mother and a wife with a beautiful and happy family a personal success. Others are more career minded and would only think that being at the top of the corporate ladder is their personal success.

Positive Mindset

A healthy way of thinking that produces harmony and good results; the thinking process that is direct alignment with success; a learned way of thinking that focuses on opportunities and goodness, as opposed to adversity and inabilities. A positive mental attitude is achieved by training your mind to think and believe in a hopeful and productive manner about oneself and others. Many people focus on negative, worrying about what may get in their way or go wrong. Others have a positive mindset of how well things will go and what they are looking forward to doing and accomplishing. These mindsets can manifest themselves. A negative mindset can cause negativity to come to you during the day. Likewise a positive mindset can help you accomplish more and see better results. People who see the glass as “half full” instead of “half empty” have a positive mental attitude. A positive mental attitude always breeds success.

Positive Momentum

Positive momentum is essentially moving towards what it is you want. If you were thinking of this in a physical sense, you could think about putting a golf ball towards the hole, the push the putter makes on the golf ball will send it where you want it. Mentally it is much the same. Adding a positive push and positive thoughts about accomplishing something can help to move you towards the goal that you have in mind. Positive momentum is more than just positive thoughts though, it is a motivating positive thought that sends you in the right direction.

Positive Self-Concept

The ability to see the good in oneself; a love, respect and high regard for oneself; a view that one is valuable and favorable. A person has a positive self-concept if he realizes his value, good and benefit to self and others. A person that chooses to eat only high quality and healthy food, does so because of a Positive Self-Concept. Someone who pursues her best interest and highest good while having positive regard for others, has a Positive Self-Concept.

Power of Focus

The ability to consistently concentrate on a specific area in your life so that you can experience the change or objectives that you wish for; a state of mind and attitude in which you are able to follow through and give undivided attention to a project, task or responsibility. The famous golfer, Tiger Woods, is known for his Power of Focus. The Power of Focus enables individuals to successfully follow through on tasks that others may have quit.

Power of Now

The ability to live in the present moment and express gratitude for the present; the process of focusing on improving and enjoying today, instead of worrying about what happened in the past or what will happen in the future; the condition of being able to attach value to what is happening in your life on a daily basis. Through this connection with the present time a person can accept situations as they come and not second guess decisions made or wonder how they will pan out in the future. Removing those thoughts and possible regrets and worries can allow a person much more joy and positive thinking in their world. An example of applying the power of now is enjoying the taste of your chocolate chip cookie as your are eating it or noticing the beautiful fragrance of the flower that you walked by. The keyword is total awareness. It also can be used as a powerful tool for meditation. This is one of our focus topics within the chapter “Unplug your Mind”.


Building prosperity is an active process of creating positive outcomes for yourself. Prosperity can be defined in a number of ways from monetary gain to emotional gain and even career success. The definition of this is in the eyes of the beholder. Building prosperity is the process of creating that positive gain in one’s life. This includes a goal set in the mind, creating a path and individual steps to that goal, and taking those steps to create that prosperity in your life.

Purpose Driven

Purpose driven means a person has a purpose in mind and lives their life according to that purpose. There are various types of purpose driven variables. Some could be temporary as in someone who is trying to help their family members during a hard time and are focusing much of their energy on that goal. Another type of purpose driven person may be permanently that way. Focusing their life on a goal of helping others or creating positive energy around them.

Self Awareness

Self awareness is the process of being conscious of yourself. This means that you are aware of who you are and understand that you are a unique individual and the needs, desires, wants and traits of that unique individual. Understanding oneself is vital in the achievement of goals and positive progression in life. Many people have a tough time discovering self awareness thinking they should be one way, but not realizing what is really within them and understanding who they are.

Self Confidence

Self-confidence is a belief in oneself. This can include believing in your intelligence, your skills or your abilities. Self-confidence is vital in being able to think positive and accomplish things in life. Those who are lacking self confidence often have negative thoughts about their capabilities and stop themselves from being able to reach their goals and dreams. Having self-confidence can help you retain a positive mindset and know you can accomplish anything you wish.

Self Discipline

Self-discipline is the act of control and training that a person undertakes to improve themselves or reach a goal. For example, if your goal is to lose 10 lbs, self discipline will be the internal control and training that you do to make sure that you exercise every day and resist the urge to have another helping of dinner or that large dessert. People have varying levels of self-discipline and for some it is harder to use this trait to stay focused on a goal.


An internal energy that drives one to succeed, therefore, not needing external stimulation or supervision to succeed; having a motive from within to do something. Self-Motivation enables a person to wake up in the morning and move toward a goal without having to be supervised or reminded. An employee, for example, will do more than a job calls for, because he is self-motivated.

Setting Intentions

The art or act of creating results before they happen; creating a mental “wish list” which guides your daily actions; making known the expected end result. Setting Intentions requires one to think about the end result or wish, expect it to happen and believe as if it has already happened. For example, if states that she will increase her income by $20000 a year by November 2010, and believes and expects it, she has set an intention.


The process of undergoing a major life renovation or change to produce a more productive and desired existence; the condition of changing from one state to a more desired and significant state; the process of changing form. An example of a transformation could be the major change from being a negative thinker to a positive thinker, or making the decision to quit a stressful dead end job and create a new stream of income.


The process by which you intentionally spend time attaching pictures and images to something specific that you desire so that you can manifest it; the mental exercise of previewing the outcome that you expect. Visualization is an activity that can be done in as little as a couple of minutes or longer. An example of visualization is imagining the type of relationship that you desire and seeing it as if it has happened already. During this process, you attach images and feelings to your desire.

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