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Kevin Hart’s Business is No Laughing Matter

Kevin Hart is regarded as a pretty funny guy. While it’s no laughing matter to joke about his height, his business acumen is pretty impressive.

As an entertainer he’s made serious strides. Hard to do with such short legs… Okay it’s hard to resist the short jokes.

In all seriousness, this guy is on his way to becoming a comedy legend and people are beginning to take notice.

He began his career like most comedians–fighting for gigs and trying to win over comedy club crowds. Today, his slieu of mixed emotions and over-the-top facial expressions have graced the silver screen for more than a dozen films.

Growing up in Philadelphia, Hart was raised by a struggling single mom, who tried to keep his ex-con and former addict father away from him.

Today, he’s selling out huge venues and is poised to be a mainstay in the comedy and entertainment worlds.

Can you imagine being in that position–going from Read more →

How Do You Define Success?

Attitude of Gratitude

Showing appreciation for what you already have; showing constant thanks for what you receive and give; the sincere feeling of thankfulness. An example of an attitude of gratitude is expressing thanks for the well being of your family or for the income that you receive daily. An Attitude of Gratitude is a platform that attracts more opportunities to be thankful for. If you continue to display an Read more →

The Art of 3-Dimensional Winning

Being in business is all about finding a balance between offering something that aligns with your skills, and meeting the needs of your potential customers.

When you are able to build a business that finds the intersection between multiple purposes, you can be sure that it will not only be something that you enjoy running as an entrepreneur but will also be able to create a sustainable impact on the world around you.

You may remember when I talked about entrepreneurs being game changers in the post about Ready Entrepreneur One.  Well, I’m going to be expanding on that point in this post.  Because when you go into business, it’s not just about you making money, delivering your amazing products or services.  It also isn’t solely about your clients or customers either.

Striking the chord of balance is important, and when you are able to do that by following the information I’m going to share with you in this post, you will find that you have more purpose, more clarity, and a better sense of who/what your brand is all about. Read more →

How to Build a Media Company Like Oprah, Ellen, or Martha Stewart

Brand authority comes from getting great quality social proof, and making people pay attention to you.  All of the big name television hosts who are on the level of a first name basis with the entire world, are able to captivate a massive audience using their brand platform.

Since it’s inception, television has been the way that major personalities become major celebrities through leveraging this powerful platform.

And it’s all changing.

In today’s world, anyone can become the next Oprah using the power of their smartphone!

So what’s the secret to becoming the next global sensation?

Owning your market’s attention.

So if that’s the secret, then how do you do this effectively? Read more →

Ready Player One, Ready Entrepreneur One

The world is changing.

We live and work in the digital age.  Everything that we do is based on the reality that we are globally connected via technology, at all times.  But what if all of that technological potential were really just an escape from reality, instead of something that helped to enhance it?

This is the premise for the bestselling book, Ready Player One, which has been picked up by Steven Spielberg and set to hit movie theaters next March. The trend of gaming has exciting new parallels for the world of digital entrepreneurship and how we can best use technology to help us create a better world.

Life in the digital age has become a game, and entrepreneurs are going to be the ones who get to change the world through its use.

In this book and soon to be movie, players live in a dystopian future, where everyone wants to escape to play a game called OASIS.  In the year 2045, people are ditching world problems to find hidden Easter eggs hidden inside the video game. Whoever finds them will inherit the massive fortune of the game’s creator, and be able to pull themselves out of the economic disparity that plagues the world of the characters we’ve read about and will soon be able to see on screen.  Before he died, the creator of OASIS Read more →

Why Every Entrepreneur is a Skydiver

I was out having a nice dinner with some friends while in San Francisco a couple weeks ago.

It was a much needed reprieve from the daily grind. I felt like I was turning into Bill Murray in the movie Groundhog Day, and needed a change of pace for a few days.

Recently, I’d also ended things with a girl I was seeing, which was a little tough, but good friends and good food can put everything back into the right perspective.

At dinner, everything was business as usual.  The gang was talking about the usual topics, but then we started talking about fear.  A girl seated next to me brought up skydiving as her biggest fear.  Having done it already I chimed in how awesome it was. She turned to me and asked, “yeah, but what’s the point?”

What’s the point!?

Seriously?  I looked at her unbelievingly for Read more →