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Free Exclusive Tips To Grow Your Audience, Brand, & Business

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Why Good Storytelling is Important for Your Brand

Building brand awareness is tough. It takes a lot of time, work, and hustle to be able to pull off the ability to get people to recognize your brand. With all of the information available to us today on the Internet, everyone is fighting for your attention. The real...

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How I Helped Kimberly Snyder Build a Multi-Million Dollar Personal Brand Business, and Grew Her Audience to Over 5 Million Visitors Per Year!

Kimberly Snyder was a successful celebrity nutritionist and meal prep coach who worked with Hollywood A-Listers, but was unknown outside of her elusive circle of elite clients.

After meeting the same handful of celebrity clients week after week in their kitchens, Kimberly realized she had a major problem.

Her income and impact potential was limited by time. At the end of a the day, she could only be in one place at a time.

While she was a solopreneur, Kimberly was doing well, charging clients $500 per hour for meal prep and nutritional consulting.

She had written a book in 2011, The Beauty Detox Solution, which she was generating a decent amount of sales from, but wasn’t experiencing the results she wanted.  Kimberly knew she needed to achieve more if she was ever going to reach her potential as a multifaceted expert.

 She also realized that the knowledge she had could serve the world in a larger way, and she knew she could be helping more people if she had the right system.

However, she had no idea how to implement the online marketing solutions or systems to make more sales and expand her impact.

Like most fledgling entrepreneurs, she had the competency and expertise to create magic for her clients, but was inept at handling the behind-the-scenes implementations to grow her business.

In this case study I show you exactly what I did to help her and how she went from $0 in revenue from her online business into the millions!


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