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How to Build a Media Company Like Oprah, Ellen, or Martha Stewart

Brand authority comes from getting great quality social proof, and making people pay attention to you.  All of the big name television hosts who are on the level of a first name basis with the entire world, are able to captivate a massive audience using their brand platform.

Since it’s inception, television has been the way that major personalities become major celebrities through leveraging this powerful platform.

And it’s all changing.

In today’s world, anyone can become the next Oprah using the power of their smartphone!

So what’s the secret to becoming the next global sensation?

Owning your market’s attention.

So if that’s the secret, then how do you do this effectively? Read more →

8 Steps to Branding Yourself as a Character

This is an exercise I do with the entrepreneurs that I coach.  And it’s one of the first things that I inadvertently did that got me started in business. Creating an image is time-consuming and it can be difficult.  But without a character your brand will suffer.

This article will help you to understand why you need to create a brand character, and by the end, you will actually have answered the questions to make your character a reality.

Why A Character?

Whenever we turn on our television, read a book, or fire up Netflix we are bombarded with characters. Real or otherwise, we find that we are able to relate to their human struggles.  Brands have forever been indebted to the powerful persuasion of characters because character is the convergence of marketing and entertainment.

At this stage in the game, the question is not why you should have a brand character, but more importantly, why you don’t? Read more →

Branding The Moment: 7 Steps to Creating A Brand That Won’t Be Forgotten

Every great brand attempts to capture it’s own essence, or what I call it’s uniqueness. You probably know what I’m talking about, that one aspect that makes a brand stand out, and perform better than anyone else in the market.

But it goes beyond just creating a brand identity for marketability.

Brands are actually competing for your attention.

In fact, all brands are also competing with each other to find their own essence, but most fail to become known for a singular role.

Why? Read more →